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Green Real Estate Team

What is a Green Realtor?


We here are ReloWorks strive to use no paper... It can be done!


We have improved our systems and made the selling and buying process easier.

  • Electronic Mailers - Newsletters, Thank You's, Invites etc...
  • E-Fax for Documents, Contracts and Flyers
  • Winforms & Docusign- get your contracts on your computer and sign anywhere... your home, our office... on Vacation!!!
  • Flyer Disks- why use paper for flyers... almost everyone has a computer we create personal movies with all the property information on a handy disk.
  •  Personal Websites for each property
  • On-Line Marketing

Paper is becoming a thing of the past... help support the Envirorment with us!

Use a Green Realtor Today!!!